Why Colorbond roofing is a fantastic substitute for tiles!

In suburban areas of Adelaide, you will see a range of homes spanning all eras. The vast range of designs trends over time creates an ensemble of architecture for all pedestrians to enjoy. While every home is different, a consistency you may see is the tile roof. Whether they are pristine terracotta tiles or moss-covered rustic alternatives, cheap cement tiles, or painted old tiles, there is probably a tile roof on your street.

At First Choice Home Improvements, we have seen an array of tile roofs out there, and have noticed a few things. Nowadays, finding replacement tiles for breaks can be difficult and expensive. One of the materials we see leading the way for a new generation of home designs is Colourbond – an incredible material with near-unbelievable capabilities that will solve all of your Adelaide roofing requirements.

Colour Range

If you choose to say goodbye to your tile roof, or like the idea of a roof without the hassle, Colorbond is the solution. This material has a range of 20 Colorbond colours, one to suit every style of home, every taste, and even the fussiest owner will be satisfied. This means you can select a finish that matches your design vision.


Colorbond comes in large format sheets that are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. This shortens the installation process and ensures that the material will remain undamaged during the installation. Manoeuvrability is vital to the overall function of your Adelaide roof! Long continuous sheets Tek screwed to your roof timbers provide greater home security from break-ins. Unlike lots of small tiles, continuous sheeting has less chance of leaking and won’t allow debris to blow into your ceiling space.

Pure Strength

Colorbond is one of the strongest materials on the market. It is impact resistant, and if you are likely to incur damage from falling branches, it will endure. The strength of your Adelaide roofing material can be the difference between moisture making it into your home, and you avoid any consequential damage or safety concerns. The strength of the material also adds an additional protective layer to the composition of your Adelaide home, which can prevent and intruders and unwanted animals entering your roofing cavity.


Finally, colourbond is a low-cost alternative. That’s right; you can have all of this for less. Compared to tiles, the material is cheaper to manufacture, and less likely to need consistent replacements.

At First Choice Home Improvements, we can take off your old tile roof and turn it into a beautiful new Colorbond roof. The material is a fantastic roofing product with a range of benefits that tiles cant match. We specialise in swapping tiles for Colorbond iron. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, call First Choice Home Improvements today for all of your Adelaide roofing needs.

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