Looking For A First-Class Verandah Solution?

In residential South Australia, a large number of properties have variations of verandahs. As the leading provider of verandahs in Adelaide, South Australia, we know that there are many reasons for adding a verandah to your property, all of which will have you enjoying the outdoors all year round and adding value to your home.

At First Choice Home Improvements, we specialise in bringing South Australian homes brand-new verandahs of all shapes and sizes. If you are up for a cost-effective way to renovate or extend your property, consider a First Choice Home Improvements verandah. Our verandahs will work in cohesion with your existing roofing system both aesthetically and functionally.


One of the reasons a verandah will perfectly complement your home is the way that it adds living space. Rather than undertaking an expensive and often unnecessary extension, you can add a verandah to give your property some outdoor entertaining and leisure space that can function in any way you desire. Adding space is the perfect solution for a growing, sociable family, who wish to get out of the house while remaining safe and away from the elements.


Your house is the most significant purchase you will ever make. There are particular ways to increase the value of your property, some of which cost more (up-front) than others. Many prospecting homeowners in South Australia seek verandahs during their searching phase, and by adding one that is both complementary and durable, you have the chance to increase the value.

With First Choice Home Improvements, you can rest assured knowing that your investment in a verandah is a high-quality one and that it will last without deterioration for a long time.


One of the core differences between a good verandah and a bad one is how comfortable you can be relaxing underneath. A professionally installed verandah, created with high-quality materials, is essential to decreasing the likelihood of leaks of structural issues. At First Choice Home Improvements, our goal is to build verandahs that work in harmony with your existing roofing system, so you can sit back and enjoy the space in pure comfort.


In South Australia, weather conditions can prohibit what you can do outside. A high-quality professional verandah is one way to allow you and your family the opportunity to embrace the weather without having to be in direct contact with the elements. In the hot and wet months, you can still take the time to enjoy some fresh air with a high-quality verandah.

If you are looking to extend an existing verandah, or construct a new one, call First Choice Home Improvements today. Our team will help you improve your home and your way of living. For a measure and quote, call today!

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