What is the Difference in Quality Between Polycarbonate Roofing?

In Australia, homeowners are always looking for ways to embrace the sun’s rays during the warmer months. Outdoor entertainment areas like verandahs and pergolas are the perfect way to spend time outside with the comfort of inside. These areas are becoming as much of a necessity to homeowners as a second bedroom.


As a leading roofing specialist in Adelaide, we have seen a variety of roofing materials and profiles for these kinds of areas, and one of the upcoming materials to use for your verandah, pergola or carport, is polycarbonate.


At First Choice Home Improvements, we believe that this transparent material can be effective. Its unique ambience and resistant qualities put it up there with iron as a roofing choice. However, through years of experience in Adelaide with this roofing material, we know that there are vast differences between the good and the bad.


Poor Quality

The extremely basic versions of this roofing material can be picked up at most Australian building and hardware stores. They often exhibit a glass house effect. This means that due to the transparent composition without resistant qualities, the area below the material actually heats up, and can become quite uncomfortable for those underneath.


Low-quality versions of polycarbonate are more prone to scratches, denting and even leaking, as the material doesn’t have the core strength some of the thicker alternatives on the market do. Polycarbonate is a prime example of “you get what you pay for”. If you enjoy the transparency of this material, without the discomfort or potential damage, you should pay a little more for a better alternative.


High Quality

The best brands and profiles of polycarbonate house a range of resistance and aesthetic capabilities like no other material on the market. Proper sheeting is UV stable and also reduces UV light transmission, it is thicker and comes with manufacturers warrantee to support its use. Twin wall polycarbonate is a version of the material that has incredible UV resistant capabilities, as well as resistance to impact and heat transmission. High-quality roofing materials are also available in a range of soft colours such as white, opal and shades of blue, green and cream – allowing you to utilise the colour range to match your home. There are also greys, silvers, bronze and even a heat reflective range of translucent sheets with suspended metal particles designed to reflect heat while allowing light through.


Multiwall polycarbonate roofing is also a version of the material that has incredible resistant and durable capabilities. This version of the material maintains the aesthetic, while continuing to be lightweight, but has a slightly different makeup that allows large free spans, minimising framing. This allows a cleaner structure of simple design. The framing savings can offset the additional cost of the multi-cell product. You end up with a sophisticated verandah at an economical price.


Polycarbonate comes in a range of profiles, colours, price ranges and applications. The possibilities are nearly endless, and the roofing experts on our team can tell you all you need to know about the material.


At First Choice Home Improvements, we can help you get over the line when it comes to outdoor/indoor roofing solutions. If you want a unique aesthetic for your outdoor area, polycarbonate might be just what you’re looking for! For more information, or to organise a quote, call today!


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