In Adelaide, having an outdoor area that is protected from the harsher weather conditions is a huge bonus for both the home buyers and sellers. If you are thinking about adding a verandah to your home, giving yourself an outdoor area to enjoy all year round, there are a few different roofing options available to suit whatever your design preference may be.



The flat verandah is the most common selection for residential verandahs in Adelaide, and an incredibly reliable one. This kind of design works well with the majority of spaces and house types. The design is simple to construct and can create either a freestanding option or the more common verandah attached to the home. If you are looking for an efficient and functional design that can be completed quickly, this is the option for you.



A gabled roofing style is when two different sides of the verandah meet at a high point in the middle – similar to a regular residential roof. This option is common for larger areas and has excellent capabilities for increasing the feeling of space in the area, as well as sufficient water runoff into gutters. This style is great for larger entertaining areas where fans and ventilation appliances can be installed. This kind of roof is also known as a pitched roof.



A curved verandah roof style is a less common option, however, has been selected to coincide with more modern home designs in the past. This design is often attached to the existing home and involves some form of arc. If you have other curved roofs on your home, this might be the option that best suits you.



These options don’t need to be exclusive. Both gabled and curved roofing options are not always built singularly. These designs are commonly combined with some form of a flat verandah, that is connected to the side of the gabled of curved roof. These kinds of combinations provide more space, but using a flat roof is also a great way to connect the new verandah to the existing house. When weighing up design options, consider joining different styles to create a unique space.



Not only are there different design concepts concerning shapes and structures, but there are various materials which will influence how the verandah design looks and functions. There are timber, steel and other types of materials that can be used for framing and cover, and although these options may provide the look you require, they might not be functional. The best way to determine which roofing style and material best suits your unique situation is to consult the professionals at First Choice Home Improvements.


If you are thinking about adding a verandah to your home, give First Choice Home Improvements a call to organise a consultation and quote for the best verandahs in Adelaide, and use their industry expertise to find the best option for you.