Do you have a damaged roof?


A damaged Adelaide roofing system can have serious implications on the longevity of your property. Even the smallest rusted or cracked areas can cause leaking which will lead to serious structural damage inside your Adelaide home or business. At the first sign of deterioration, you should call First Choice Home Improvements to rectify your Adelaide roofing situation.

We handle partial replacements, repairs and full restorations and can help you avoid any further damage by choosing a brand new Colorbond roof.


Section replacement

If you have a steel roof, you may be only experiencing damage in one area. Often this is caused by things such as corrosion from a faulty section of gutter, an air conditioning unit, or in beachfront properties, the salty air off the water. This kind of rust can spread, and in old steel roofing systems, can be extremely dangerous if left unattended.

At First Choice Home Improvements, we provide section replacement services with only the highest-quality steel products. Whether it is one or two sheets, or a whole roofing system, we can help you get back on track. Using a range of industry-leading roofing materials, there are colour options to choose from to match every era of home in Adelaide.



If your old tin roof has had it’s day, and is worn out, it is time for a new one. At First Choice Home Improvements we are experts in re-roofing. We have over 30 years experience in Adelaide roofing, and know how to get the job done right, first time.

When it comes to tired looking, moss-covered and cracked tiled roofs, the best option is to start from scratch. You can save yourself the hassle of always fixing the broken areas, and having to clean the tiles periodically. If your tile roof is suffering damage, you need a premier Adelaide re-roofing service. The best way to recitfy multiple areas of damage on tile and iron roofs is to replace your roof with a brand new colorbond steel material.

This proactive measure is what we specialise in at First Choice Home Improvements, and we can take care of the entire process from start to finish, removing the damaged roof, and replacing it with something you can be proud of, a new colorbond steel roof.


The signs

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether your roofing system has incurred damage, after all, it’s not like you get up there every day and check. There are a few things to look out for that will help you determine whether you need Adelaide roofing repairs. If you notice rust on a steel roof, you may have a problem where water isn’t running off effectively. This is the same for cracked tiles.

All of these issues lead to moisture getting inside the home, so if you notice mould on your ceilings, or staining of any kind, it is time to call the professionals. We have seen some unattended leaks cause major house cracking. Don’t leave it too long, act quickly to avoid further damage and unnecessary consequential repair costs.

At First Choice Home Improvements, we can help you avoid further damage to your property by guiding you through a full Adelaide re-roofing service. For vast industry experience and high-quality materials, call First Choice today.


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