Are you thinking about adding a carport to your Adelaide home? Have you thought exactly what you want to store in this area? If you are building a new carport, it can be hard to draw the line concerning size. If you are not quite sure how big your it should be, there are a few things you should consider before pulling the trigger and calling the builder.



It is one thing to have enough space for a car. However, lots of people end up adding extra items. If you think you will end up placing your golf clubs and surfboard for easy access, you will want to increase the size marginally. Conversely, if you want to be proactive and systematic, you should create a much larger area, to provide some much-needed extra storage. If you lack storage space in your home, you may want to make this area significantly bigger for that purpose. Both options mean you will need a space larger than initially planned for.



Say you’re thinking of putting your carport over your driveway, an obvious thing to consider is how many cars must it cover. One? Two? It differs from home to home and also depending on how much driveway space you have. There may be adequate parking, and only one car that needs the protection from the weather.  If you build a carport as large as the space will allow, you may increase the resale value of your home down the track, as prospecting homebuyers with multiple cars will be looking for protection and cover of their automobiles in their new home.



If the space is big enough, there is no reason that you can’t also store your caravan or boat in your carport. Recreational vehicles such as caravans are popular among Australians, and if you are thinking of getting a caravan in the future, you might want to be able to store that as well. This is the same with a boat. These vehicles which you may only use in the warmer months of the year will need cover and storage during the winter. A carport is the perfect solution for keeping your recreational vehicles out of harm’s way when they aren’t in use, making them last longer and stay in perfect condition. If you have the space, why not build your new carport to house your caravan or boat.


Planning/design and council approval

Although you may need a larger space to house everything you require, there may be limitations. The development of a carport can require council approval, as there are a range of regulations you must adhere to when constructing an addition to your home regarding clearances and height. However at First Choice Home Improvement, we can take care of this paperwork for you, ensure that your primary focus is the addition to your home, not the inconvenience that comes with it.


Once you have decided what solution will best suit your home and lifestyle, you should contact the industry professionals for carports in Adelaide – First Choice Home Improvements. The experts will help you determine what is possible and help you to maximise your design and your budget.