Your roof protects the most important investment you will ever make – your home, so it is crucial to ensure that your roof remains in good condition to avoid any lasting damage to the area below. If you are having issues with your roof, you may be in need of a full roof restoration on your Adelaide home – where you entirely make-over the current composition of your roof with more technologically advanced materials such as Colorbond Steel. If you are not sure whether your roof needs to be restored, you can look out for the following signs before you make a decision.



If you notice a small leak, you may only need a section of your roof repaired. However if you can see numerous dark spots on the ceiling inside your home, you probably have extensive leaking in different areas in the roof. Leaking like this can also result in mould (which can be harmful to your immune system), and although you may not be able to see the water or water damage, if you can see natural light from inside your roof cavity, you should get your roof checked by a professional, or risk future roof leaks. .



If the ceiling is sagging, you may have significant damage to your roof. Regardless of whether the sagging is seen from the inside or outside of the home, it means that your roof has incurred considerable damage. This kind of damage could be from harsh weather conditions, fatigue over time or the result of falling debris from nearby trees. If you are located in a position where this type of debris is common, you may want to restore your roof with a more sustainable and durable material, like colorbond steel. Any suspected structural fatigue should be investigated by a professional.


Broken Tiles

A great way to tell if you need a replacement is to have a professional from First Choice Home Improvements survey your roof. If your roof is comprised of tiles, the professional will be able to detect excessive tile damage which can result in leaking and harm to the internal structure of the home. If there is significant damage to old tiles, finding adequate replacements could be difficult, and a full roof restoration of a durable material such as BlueScope steel could be an option.



Outside your home, if you can see any signs of pooling in your gutters, or perhaps water damage, this could mean runoff issues with your roof structure. If the water isn’t running into gutters with ease, a roof restoration will ensure a design that corrects this. A consequence of improper runoff is usually water running back into the building – once again causing significant damage to the walls and ceiling on the inside of your home.

You could end up with unnecessary expensive consequential damage to repair, as well as mould to remove. It’s much cheaper to get your roof and gutter issues looked at earlier and resolved by the professionals at First Choice Home Improvements, than to dealt with all the extra work a little leak can create.

If you see a combination of these issues on the roof of your Adelaide home, you are in need of a restoration. At First Choice Home Improvements you can utilise the industry expertise of the individual to ensure that all of these issues are combated in the new roof system. With a range of industry-leading materials available, there will be an option for you that endures for years to come. Give First Choice Home Improvements a call to organise a quote.