Australia’s solar radiation per square meter is the highest compared to that of any other country. Meaning Australia has the best solar energy resource on the globe. Over the past four years, we have seen Australian electricity costs rise by a whopping 50%. It’s no wonder, so many Australian’s are making the change to solar energy. The Australian government has estimated a 20% replacement of the total energy consumption with solar by the year 2020.

So with Australia being exposed to approximately 15,000 times more solar radiation than the energy consumption of the entire country, what exactly are we using this power source for?



More than 2 million Australians have already converted to solar energy. For residential usage, solar is used to power the home. The power sourced from your panels can be used to heat, cool and light your home, reducing your home’s operating costs.

Having solar saves you money. Meaning that your home is more self-sufficient and provides peace of mind for you, your family and your household budget. More and more Australians are embracing solar power with the building of new homes. These homes are constructed with roofing, windows and structural alignment to be facing the sun at different orientations, which enhances the conditioning of favourable temperature conditions in different weather situations.

The size of your systems determines the amount of power your home generates. For example, a 2Kw system can power all your lights, TV, DVD player, sound system, microwave and kettle, while a 4-5 Kw system provides most homes with complete solar self-sufficiency, including a standard use of air conditioning.



Large Scale Projects

By using solar in Large scale projects, it provides us with the ability to create solar concentrated power plants that can provide electricity to numerous businesses and homes. Not only does solar provide power, but it also can heat water as well as provide central heating to large scale buildings.

Solar has also been used to create renewable energy systems for some iconic Australian projects. Some of these projects include:

CSIRO Energy Centre – An experimental battery-connected, grid free solar and wind hybrid system in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Bond University – An 18.4 kW grid-connected solar power systems on Australia’s first 6-star energy rated building at the revered university on the Gold Coast.

Installing renewable energy that generates the capacity to offset your electricity consumption, is a smart business decision regarding insulating your business from escalating electricity costs and demonstrates your company’s commitment to contributing to the 2020 Renewable energy target for Australia.

If you’re looking at installing a solar system for your home or business, don’t hesitate to give the team at First Choice Home Improvements a call, and we can organise a free quote to help get your new solar journey underway.