What Timeframe Can I Expect For A Roof Replacement?

Undertaking a residential or commercial roof replacement in Adelaide is a big task. Permanently removing a large portion of your home and replacing it with new material can be a stressful thought, and you are probably wondering how long the entire process will take.

At First Choice Home Improvements, we are here to tell you that the timeframe for a roof replacement can vary dramatically based on some factors. If you want to know just how long it will take to do your property, think about the following few factors before you start the job.


The primary thing that you need to consider when you are starting is just how big your roofing system is. Simply, the more significant the roof, the longer it will take to install. However, with First Choice Home Improvements you can rest assured knowing that the difference in time won’t be hugely significant. If you have a small roof that needs replacement, you can expect a quick and diligent completion of the task.


Many different roofing materials are used in Adelaide. Some of these materials take longer to remove/install than others. Roof tiles, in particular, need to be individually removed, which means that the roof replacement will take a lot longer than it would with steel roofing.

At First Choice Home Improvements we believe steel roofing variations to be the best product for fast roof replacements, due to their large format, light-weight sheets.


Properties vary and depending on the location of your property you may have an easier or harder time completing a roof replacement. If access can be difficult due to trees, and other buildings, the roof replacement process will probably take a fraction longer. If any issues need particular care during the replacement phases, the process will be inherently longer.


The final factor that affects the overall time a roof replacement will take is the experience the roofing company has. At First Choice Home Improvements, we have completed roof replacements to a broad range of Adelaide properties. Through these experiences our team has developed specific skills in roofing removal and installation, meaning that we understand every stage of the project. Indeed, you can be confident that a lack of building experience won’t stifle you!

The expected timeframe of a roof replacement changes dramatically depending on multiple factors. However, our team of roofing experts at First Choice Home Improvements can provide you with an estimate during the initial consultation. To organise a measure and quote, call today!

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