How long will metal roofing last compared to tiles?


Steel or tiled roofs have long been the preference for South Australian homeowners, and while both materials have amazing attributes, your Adelaide roofing specialists at First Choice Home Improvements believe that steel roofing should be the material of choice. There are a number of reasons that we specialise in Colorbond at First Choice Home Improvements, and we find that customers are satisfied with the results!

One of the reasons people choose Colorbond materials for Adelaide roofing is how long this material lasts, compared to tiles.


Large-format sheets

With tiles, the roof is made up of lots of small components, tiles, and these small components are more susceptible to breakages. Any breaks or blemishes you have need be replaced individually, adding to the ongoing maintenance cost of your roof.  However, with colorbond, the large sheets mean that it is hard to incur damage that will affect your roof. The size of the sheets means that they have a strong core, and while tiles can be strong too, they are far more likely to fracture and cause damage to your roof in the long run. Full length colorbond sheets are more secure, stronger and less likely to fail. By choosing a more substantial material, you are choosing to construct a roof that will function for longer.


Decreased installation time

Also due to the larger sheets, there is a decreased installation time. While this might not directly benefit the longevity of the material, it does mean that there is less inconvenience for any repairs or a re-roofing service you may experience down the line. At First Choice Home Improvements, we have perfected the roofing installation process, so any section replacements you need can be completed quickly! Or we can replae your whole roof with colorbond quite quickly and efficiently.



Roof tiles weigh significantly more than the light-weight Colorbond alternative. This means that there needs to be more support in your roof to support the extra loads for a long period. Some older homes are under designed and show structural sagging from that old heavy tiled roof. At First Choice we can remove all that old weighty tiled roof and fit back a brand new light weight colorbond roof. Colorbond is incredibly light but doesn’t sacrifice durability in doing so. Therefore, it is not likely that you will suffer any structural damage as the result of a steel roof.



It may seem obvious, but steel roofing is far more durable than tiles. When subject to debris or harsh weather conditions, tiles tend to break, and a broken tile can lead to leaking which can lead to excessive interior water damage! With steel, the material is designed to last for years. Not only will Colorbond continue to function as a protective roofing material, but it will also not crack, peel or blister.

Steel roofing is far more likely to last for years. The aesthetic and the durability of the material will be maintained. Colorbond steel is exhaustively tested by BHP Bluescope to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. At First Choice Home Improvements, we can help you implement a steel roof, even if that means removing an old moss-covered tile roof. For more information about the benefits of Colorbond, or to organise a quote, call First Choice Home Improvements today.


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