Polycarbonate or Colorbond Roofing?


A carport is essential in Australia. The protection of your vehicles is not only important to your day-to-day life, but also adds to the resale value of both your home and your vehicles. If you have a carport that needs to be extended, or if you want to build a new one from scratch, there are two primary materials commonly used for roofing.


The more traditional material is steel, and more recently composite polycarbonate roofing material is another alternative. In different applications, and with different colours, shades and brands of each material, you are likely to see both polycarbonate and colorbond roofing right here in Adelaide.



BlueScope Colorbond steel houses a range of capabilities which make it the ideal choice for a flat carport roof. It is lightweight and durable, making it difficult to penetrate or incur damage from falling branches. With a high core strength and overlapping sheets, a carport made from this material will be extremely protective. Similarly, the material offers great protection from rain and wind. Continuous long sheets mean it is less likely to incur damage and therefore any chance of leaking is minimised. Colorbond has insulative and heat-resistant qualities, which means it won’t heat up the area below. Colorbond will also block all damaging Ultra Violet (UV) light. When it comes to a carport, this is vital, as you want the shade of the area beneath to benefit the longevity of your vehicle.


Colorbond also comes in a vast range of colours and finishes. This gives you endless design options to match the composition of your existing home. At First Choice Home Improvements we believe that Colorbond is one of the most long-term durable products on the market, and with endless choices, it will leave you with a beautiful carport space.



Polycarbonate is often used with a transparent or translucent finish to the material and is used for carports, verandahs and pergolas. Some homeowners use polycarbonate sheeting as a cheaper alternative than a dome skylight for their home. Mostly polycarbonate is more traditionally used to enhance outdoor living spaces. Polycarbonate is a great solution for your carport, as it lets natural light into the space and creates a unique ambience. While cheaper versions of the product can have a ‘glasshouse’ effect on the area below, and are not UV stable, we choose only products that we know perform well in Australian conditions. We make sure they filter the UV light and are backed by substantial Manufacturers Warrantees. There are also options to use sophisticated twinwall and multicell polycarbonate products to really enhance your carport or verandah.


Compared to Colorbond, the colour options are a little different and don’t necessarily match the Colorbond Range, and the transparent composition of the material means any damage or debris can be seen from underneath. However, polycarbonate is a great option and can be used for a full roof, half roof, or interleaved into a colorbond roof to add detail, extra light or transmit light into an adjacent room. There is a wide selection of colours available and we can help with your selection.


At First Choice Home Improvements Adelaide, we love Colorbond and polycarbonate materials. Both surfaces have resistant qualities and have their place in the modern Australian home. If you want a carport in one of these materials or a combination of both, we can help you out.


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