Everything You Need to Know About Re-roofing.

At First Choice Home Improvements, we know how important your roof is to the security of your home. We also know how different roofs can be, and how each design, location and material choice all contribute to a unique style and feel.


Re-roofing is a great way to get your roof back to it’s highly-functional self. With a long list of services such as roof repairs and restoration, First Choice Home Improvements can help you with this process. Whether you have an old tile roofing system you want replaced with Colorbond, or your old iron sheets are starting to looking tired, we have the know-how to restore your home to its former glory.


Preserve your home for years

In order to ensure your roof continues to protect your family and your belongings in your home, it must be maintained. Undertaking the re-roofing process will ensure that any leaks or water flow issues you are currently experiencing are eliminated. If these issues remain ignored, they can cause damage to the interior of the home, and sometimes create expensive consequential damage too. By choosing to re-roof your home with a product like Colorbond, your home will be preserved for years to come. Dont let seemingly minor issues cause further damage to your home, or even worse cause expensive structural problems down the line.


Careful and safe

At First Choice Home Improvements we understand the importance of professional re-roofing. We have seen just about every roof type available and have perfected a careful and safe restoration process, so you don’t have to climb the ladder and attempt fixes or undertake any replacement yourself. Our efficient team will seek out all the signs of a deteriorating or damaged roof, and remedy any underlying problems in the re-roofing process. You can rest assured that when we are done, your home will be secure with a brand new continuous roofing system.


A range of services

Our re-roofing service involves the complete overhaul of your current roof, leaving you with new character roofing to enjoy for years to come. With all of these services combined, your roof has the best chance of protecting your home from harsh weather conditions, intruders and animal pests. Our service will also eliminate any damaged areas or leaks, so the next time there is a big storm, you can sleep peacefully knowing your property is safe and secure.


Add value!

Finally, re-roofing is a great way to maintain (or in a lot of cases increase) the overall value of your home. With a range of different benefits, your home will improve its functionality and aesthetic when re-roofed right. If you are looking to sell your home, re-roofing your older daggy roof can be a fantastic way to add value to your home. The importance of a functioning roof is vital to most prospective homebuyers, so if your roof is starting to look a bit tired, replacing it with a more durable and aesthetically pleasing colorbond roof might be the best option for you.


At First Choice Home Improvements we believe that the best way to preserve the old (your home), is to protect it with the new. Understanding your roof’s unique character and composition, we will take everything roofing related into consideration. For a free quote and measure, give our team of roofing experts a call today!


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