Protect your verandah investment with the right guarantee


When installing a new roof comprised of the very best materials, you want to know that it will continue to function for years to come. At First Choice Home Improvements, your Adelaide roofing specialists are proud to say that we are accredited in more ways than one. Using only the finest materials and working in conjunction with steel specialists, we have become contractor certified.


With First Choice Home Improvements, you will be covered for years to come in the unlikely event that your Adelaide commercial roof or verandah has any issues down the line. For incomparable peace of mind, and the highest-quality of workmanship, look no further.


Fielders Watertight Guarantee

Fielders are Australian specialists in folding and rolling Colorbond materials. For registered installation, Fielders offer this 20-year guarantee in conjunction with specific contractors. At First Choice Home Improvements we are covered by a Watertight Guarantee for our commercial roofs. Meaning that if there is an issue down the line with your roof, instead of the consistent pointing of fingers that often comes with these projects, Fielders will take responsibility for the product, and repair any issue that may arise.


Not all roofing contractors are covered by this guarantee, and your roofing system may only be protected if you choose to undertake the process with a manufacturer-registered installer like us.


Fielders Platinum Guarantee

Additionally, there is a Platinum Guarantee that comes with their Centenary product used for carports, verandahs and patios. This 25-year guarantee is offered to Australians who installed this material through a registered contractor, like First Choice Home Improvements. This is one of the most comprehensive product warranties for roofing on the market and exhibits the trust Fielders places in Our Company.


This cover provides you with peace of mind for your new verandah and the confirmation that if your brand new outdoor/indoor area isn’t functioning as you’d expect, you will be looked after.


Colorbond case-by-case warranty

There is a range of different warranties available for Colorbond products subject to different criteria and eligibility. If you find you are having issues with this material, Bluescope can help you determine what kind of cover you may have. Relating to a range of different criteria such as position, installer, climate and application, your Colorbond roof may or may not be subject to different levels of warranty.


In conclusion, the best way to protect your investment, whether it be commercial roofing or a residential verandah, is to use a roofing contractor that is covered in all of the right areas. First Choice Home Improvements have manufacturer guarantees based on our experience and professionalism. So whether you are looking for a larger commercial project, or want to know that the leak in your verandah is covered, First Choice can point you in the right direction.


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