How Roofing Choices Change the Aesthetic of your Adelaide home


Your roof is the feature piece of your home. Always on display, the look and condition of your roof are vital to the overall aesthetic of your home. As the leading roofing contractors in Adelaide, we know exactly what aspects of your roof affect the overall composition of your property. Whether it is the material choice, the colour or the design, you can tick all the boxes to ensure your home looks great for years to come.



The selection of material will affect the overall look of your home. With a range of roofing materials out there such as tiles, polycarbonate and steel, you are spoilt for choice. At First Choice Home Improvements, we believe that steel products adequately combine look and functionality. With this product, you will have an incredibly strong and durable material that is subsequently beautiful. While tiles and transparent polycarbonate can also be pleasing, the resistant qualities of Colorbond separate it from competitors.



There are a variety of different roofing designs used for the everyday Adelaide home. There are different pitched or peaked roofing styles that are more common, as well as flat roofs for carports and verandahs. Whether you have a more traditional gabled or hipped design or a contemporary curved roofing system, materials like Colorbond can be applied in most design visions.


Period Homes

Each home came from a different time in history, and whether it is one year old, or 100, it will have a certain design. For example, a home that was built in the 1920’s may have a different gutter system and profile to a home built in the 1950’s. Staying true to this era when any need renovations are being completed on the home is important for the value of your home – Adelaide homebuyers love a home that stays true to its original design!



Colour is the largest contributor to your overall home aesthetic, as it can make or break the entire composition of your home. Some materials such as Colorbond steel sheeting comes in a range of 20 colour choices, which means that homeowners have an incredibly broad range of finishes to select from. This means that a selection can be made that matches the existing building or home. A finish that can be a standout or feature can also be used. Some materials (tiles) don’t have an extensive colour range, while Colorbond has many.



General wear and deterioration of your Adelaide roofing system affect how your home will look. If the roofing materials are broken, rusted, damaged or have lost colour from the sun, your home as a whole can start to like tired. By undertaking regular roof maintenance, or choosing a material that is durable, your Adelaide roof can look brand new for longer – something that will complement the entire aesthetic of your home. Once again, Colorbond is extremely durable, cost-effective and straightforward to replace, especially when using an expert like First Choice Home Improvements.


The state of your roof is absolutely critical to the aesthetic of your home in Adelaide. By being selective about your roofing materials, you can achieve your design goal and have your home looking beautiful for years to come. For a free quote and measure, give the team at First Choice Home Improvements a call.


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