Is It Time For A New Verandah or Carport?

When it comes to carport, patio, pergola or verandah construction in Adelaide we offer Great Advice, Great Products, Great Service, Great Price. We listen to our customers so that we can offer the best design to suit your needs and your budget.

First Choice Verandahs and Carports is a proud distributor of the Fielders Centenary range in Adelaide. Fielders Centenary is a complete engineered system combining Colorbond beams and posts with various roofing profiles in a myriad of designs, shapes and sizes to satisfy the needs of home-owners looking for a quality addition to their home.

Did You Know We Also Restore Verandahs And Carports…?

Fielders Centenary is well-established in the market place with a proven track record, developed from solid foundations, Centenary uses good ideas and makes them even better. First Choice Verandahs and Carports believe you deserve only the best. Centenary’s range of products and design possibilities makes us the industry leaders for outdoor products for your home, backed up by over 100 years of manufacturing experience by Fielders. That’s peace of mind.


Putting a new carport on your home will not only add value, it will also protect your second largest investment – your car.

A new carport is a valuable decision to take care of your car, boat or caravan. It can also be a lifestyle decision adding extra living space and even an entertaining area to your home.

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Putting a new verandah on the back of your home will not only add value but will change the way you live.

A new verandah, patio or pergola is a lifestyle decision. You and your family will get endless value from your newest outdoor entertaining centre. It is an extension to your home and an all-year-round escape.

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