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Made from Australian Colorbond steel and backed with a 25-year warranty, your new verandah will add value and convenience for many years to come.

For the best range of patios, pergolas or verandahs in Adelaide, there can only be one choice – FIRST CHOICE.

Our Extensive Verandah Warranty Cover

At First Choice Home Improvements, your verandah will be built from Blue Scope Colorbond steel. Supplied by  Fielders Centenary, the Colorbond products we use will be subject to the most comprehensive cover in the industry. Using the very best products in verandah construction, as Platinum dealers of Fielders, you will enjoy the extra 5 years cover only a Platinum Dealer can offer, giving you a 25-year watertight manufacturer guarantee. You can rest assured knowing that in the unfortunate event of a material failure, the material will be replaced.

A verandah constructed by First Choice Home Improvements will also be covered by our 10-year workmanship guarantee. As well as that Fielders underwrite our workmanship for 25 years, giving you total piece of mind.

Council Approval for your Verandah

Once you have decided to build the verandah you have always wanted, the next step is getting Council approval. At First Choice Home Improvements we have used our years in the industry to familiarise ourselves with council requirements and processes. We can take the stress out of the council approval process by taking it all on in-house to ensure that it goes through the appropriate Council channels as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also provide all of the Engineering calculations so there are no delays. We follow up on each Council weekly to track the progress of your application, keeping the time taken for approval to a minimum.

For the best chance at streamlining your approval process, First Choice Home Improvements are the answer.

Why Choose First Choice for Verandahs?

  • 25-year structural guarantee – Being Fielder’s platinum dealers, verandahs installed by First Choice Home Improvements are given a 25-year structural guarantee. If issues relating to the product affect the functionality or longevity of your verandah, the manufacturer may take the option to replace the products free-of-charge! They will even pay us to replace it for you.
  • 10-year workmanship guarantee – At First Choice Home Improvements, we have the utmost faith in our ability to create beautiful and functional verandahs. This faith translates into our exclusive 10-year workmanship guarantee. If any issues stemming from the installation arise down the track, we will attend to your property and amend it.
  • Flexibility in design – With years of experience, we have worked on just about every residential verandah application there is. No matter what design you have in mind, our team of professionals will do their very best to bring it to life. During design, we can educate you on the possibilities of our products so you know just how far you can take the design.
  • Smooth ceiling-like roof sheeting – Your new verandah will have the comfort of indoors. Our steel materials will provide a look like no other, breaking the illusion of outdoors and creating an additional area you can enjoy.
  • Colorbond or polycarbonate roofing – If you wish to implement a combination of Colorbond and polycarbonate roofing materials, we can help you do so. These options create the perfect balance between light and shade, allowing you to have complete control over just how much of the outside world you want to let into your verandah. Or maintain the natural light into your home even after your new verandah has been built.
  • Clean lines and seamless joints – The Colorbond products manufactured by Fielders are made to last. The joins will be inconspicuous and the whole structure watertight, giving the illusion that your entire verandah system is one whole component.
  • Larger spans with fewer posts – With the most durable and strengthened materials on the market, our designs will incorporate fewer posts but will exhibit the same structural integrity. This gives you, the property owner, more freedom and space to do what you please with your new verandah.
  • Engineered to Australian standards – Designed to adhere to Australian standards we make sure your verandah is strong enough to withstand all that Mother Nature can dish up. Fielders Centenary is supported with Engineering Documentation to satisfy the Council that it is designed and built properly, and with First Choice Home Improvements, you can rest assured knowing that we will tick all the boxes when it comes to the integrity of your new verandah.
  • Council approvals arranged – If your home addition requires council approval, our long-standing relationships with the different councils of Adelaide gives you the best chance of receiving approval in an efficient time-frame. We also know exactly what is required and can ensure that your verandah design has the best chance of approval in your particular council area.
  • A wide range of Colorbond colours available – No matter what property, Colorbond will have a colour that matches the era and design of your property or to appeal to your colour scheme. If you want to match an existing roof or house palette, you will have the best chance of doing so using Colorbond products!
  • SA family-owned and family-operated – We place emphasis on our friendly service and thorough team. As a family owned and operated South Australian business, we have developed relationships with others in the construction industry, as well as a long list of satisfied customers. We care.
  • Backed up by Fielders – Australia’s premium steel supplier – For years, we have partnered with Fielders to bring South Australia the very best in steel products and profiles. Our long-term commitment to Fielders, and Fielders ongoing support to our business has allowed us to go further, bringing you the newest products on the market, at a very competitive price, with great service.
  • Lighting and fans supplied and fitted – If you want your new verandah to have the comfort and ambience of an indoor entertaining area, we have you covered. Our professionals can help you install fans and lighting that will bring your new space to life.
  • Outdoor blinds supplied and fitted – Outdoor blinds are a popular option that allows you to further control the temperature and natural light in your verandah.
  • Timber decks supplied and fitted – One of the best combinations when it comes to outdoor living is a verandah and a timber deck. If both of these options are what you’re looking for, First Choice Home Improvements can help with the installation both, efficiently and effectively.
  • Fielders endorsed Platinum Dealer – Fielders recognise trust and effectiveness in an installer. At First Choice Home Improvements, we have earnt that trust. As a Platinum dealer, we have extended warranties and access to the newest profiles and products at very reasonable prices.

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