Which direction should my solar panels face? This is a question we commonly get asked by those looking to invest in solar. In an ideal situation, everyone’s solar panels would face north to maximise the power output of your panels. The more sunlight that reaches your solar panels, the more electricity you can generate.

So this means if your panels face north, they’ll receive a greater amount of sun during the day. Also meaning, that for those of you who don’t have northern facing roofs, your options may be limited. So where should you put them? Keep reading, and we’ll help you out.



As we know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In theory, that means that you should be getting the same amount of power whichever way you place your panels, right? Not always.

In fact, you will benefit more by placing your panels on the western side of your roof. Why? Well, this way you will be generating more solar energy later in the day.

We know what you’re thinking “why does that matter?”. Well, the majority of Australian homes use more electricity in the afternoon. If you think about it, typically not many people are home throughout the morning. By the afternoon we are finishing work, and the kids are getting home from school.  Before you know it , all three TVs and every light in the house is on.

So if you’re using solar electricity for personal use, you’re counterbalancing the current electricity tariff. This is increasing in value each year, and your solar is going to be of more value to you if you are generating later in the day.

Hence, if you have the choice between placing your panels between east and west, your solar panel direction should be west to maximise your solar energy gain.

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