First Choice Home Improvements for your Re-Roofing

Are you getting a bit sick of replacing broken roof tiles? Is your old iron roof starting to rust and look more like a shed than a home? Don’t worry, at First Choice Home Improvements; we can give your home the makeover it needs with a comprehensive and efficient re-roofing service.


At First Choice Home Improvements, we eat, sleep and breathe roofing, and know all the ins and outs of re-roofing Adelaide residential properties. So, if re-roofing is what you are looking for, look no further.


High-quality materials.

We only work with the best materials on the market. Through this we have been able to perfect the installation of these materials, leaving you with a systematic roofing system that is highly functional. Colorbond sheeting is a durable and lightweight roofing solution Australians love. If you are hoping to re-roof to a stronger alternative, we cannot recommend this product enough.


Many Australians choose to re-roof their Adelaide verandahs and carports as well. We have seen an increased use of the transparent polycarbonate materials in these applications, and have adequate experience working with the best polycarbonate sheets available.



Our number one priority is your schedule and the longevity of your home. Working at a time that suits you best, we know how pressing an Adelaide re-roofing application can be and will work as fast as we can while maintaining a high standard of work. During the consultation and quoting phases, our knowlegable staff will put your stresses at ease while answering any questions you may have. When the construction process is being undertaken, we will work cooperatively with you to ensure you are comfortable and pleased with the service.


Years of experience

With years of combined industry experience, our team have developed a re-roofing process that ticks all of the boxes. Adelaide re-roofing is a particular process, one we take the utmost care in. No matter if your property is residential or commercial, big or small, we have just about seen it all. Our professionals know that cutting corners is not an option, we take care with each stage or step to ensure the overall functionality and good looks of your home.


Competitive pricing

Finally, our Adelaide re-roofing process is cost-effective. We know and understand the industry, and can offer pricing for this service that you will be happy with. If you choose to invest in a product like Colorbond, you will reap the financial benefits of a low-cost material that has the most advanced research and testing to back up its proven long-term performance.

Re-roofing can be urgent, and to avoid leaking damage to the interior of your home, we can operate as effectively and as efficiently as you’d hope. If your roof is looking tired and needs a complete overhaul, we are the team to help you. Call today to organise a no-obligation quote for all of your Adelaide re-roofing needs.


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